New York Troopers - History
Preserving the Past for Those Who Follow




 Tpr.F. Stritter
   John Bihn
  "Blizzard" Gus Nelson
On July 28, 1933, the heat of summer & overcrowding contributed to short lived rioting at the Auburn Prison. Inmates overpowered guards and using them along with weapons taken from the prison armory, stormed the front gates. Four inmates escaped, but soon were
recaptured. Troopers called to duty entered the prison yard under cover of rifle armed troopers on the walls and retook the prison. Morning found that the rioting was ended.
On December 11, 1929, 20 violent inmates killed Principal Keeper George A. Dunford and took Warden Edgar Jemmings & 7 guards hostage. The inmates demanded safe passage from the prison.
Troopers & an Army National Guard detail soon arrived ordering the inmates to surrender. The inmates instead barricaded themselves in a main hall. Under cover of darkness, a detail led by Captain McGrath stormed the hall freeing Warden Jennings & 4 guards. Eight inmates
were killed. The remaining rioters fled to a cell block continuing to shoot & use teargas against the troopers. The next morning, ring leader Steven Pawlak refusing surrender was shot & killed by Trooper Gus Nelson. Troopers rushed in subduing the remainder of the rioters all of whom had suffered gunshot wounds. The riot was over. Troopers at the local armory remained on guard duty at the prison until April 1, 1930.

  C.Z. MacDonald
George Wood

   Romie Laurence
    John Warner - Edgar Jennings - Capt Steven McGrath