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1917 - 1921 - Troop “A” Headquarters – Dyke Skating Rink, Batavia, New York - Captain - Willis Linn, 1st NY Ambulance Company, Lieutenant  John A. Warner, 1st NY Cavalry -
Troop “A” patrol area. All counties west of a line from the east border of Wayne County continuing south along the west shore of Seneca Lake and south in a straight line from the south end of Seneca Lake to the Pennsylvania border.
Dyke skating rink located at the intersection of East Main Street & Route 33 where the Miss Batavia Diner now stands. Entering the front entrance were three rooms on the left where the officers were quartered. On the right was the F/Sergeants room, office & bathroom. The main skating rink was converted into a kitchen, pantry & dining room as well as seven bedrooms for the troopers. Each bedroom could accomodate 10 troopers. The horse stable was located beneath the skating rink area with entrance from the rear. 

1918-Capt Willis Linn - Tpr John Hopkins (1st Trooper Sworn )


Joseph Runser-Rudolph Panzlau-James Bortz-Harlow Doane-Julius Weinstein

Joseph Runser

Dan Fox - Winfield Robinson
Winfield W. Robinson - 1919
 Captain W.W. Robinson's badge. Note his initials & Troop    
1918 Troop "A" Inspection
1918 Rudolph Panzlau Promotion Warrant 



  WILLIS D. LINN - 1st Troop "A" Commanding officer-    1917 to 1919. 

Linn was born on August 14, 1889 at Rochester, NY where he resided and along with his father, practiced medicine. He was a graduate of Colgate Unversity where he was named an All American Football player. He stood 6 feet, 6 inches tall and while serving in the Army, was voted best looking soldier in uniform. He was an undisciplined individual whose activities eventually led to his short service with the troopers. Known locally as a womanizer, his arrest for unlawfully taking of fish using explosives was the final act leading to his demise. Superintendent Chandler, a man of high principals had enough. A short time later, Linn was releived of duty replaced by Winfield W. Robinson.

Genesee County Fair - 1917

Harry Whipple-Edward Miller-Jacob VanLengen-Floyd Kinne

 Sgt. Winfield Robinson - 1917

1918 First Sergeant Edward Miller
Sam Griffin -  1918
1918-Lt. Dan Fox- Captain W.W.Robinson- Col. Chandler