New York Troopers - History
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                  A TROOPER JUST LIKE YOU

By Sgt. Alfred N. Dorer

The boy sat by the roadside on the lonely country road. Like most children his age, his attention span was short, and although it was still early morning, he had run out of things to do. He wiggled his toes in the dirt, and wondered where he should go next.

His attention was drawn to a movement down the road and he soon discerned a horseman slowly but steadily approaching him. As he drew closer and the features of the man took on detail, he saw a tall stranger, dressed in grey and purple, who was riding a giant brown colored horse. The stetson hat that he wore made him look taller. The revolver on his hip reminded the boy of a movie star cowboy hero. The stranger stopped when he reached the lad and from atop the big horse whose legs were as tall as the child, he waved, smiled, and said "Hi kid!".

Before the stranger continued on his way, the boy had patted the friendly horse and told the stranger where he lived just down the road. As the horseman trotted on his way, the boy shouted, "Hey Trooper! When I grow up, I want to be just like you!"

The years passed by and the child had grown to become a fine, strong young man. One day, he rode down a paved country highway in a black and white car. As he watched the road ahead, he approached a small child who stood by the side of the road and was waving at him. Remembering an incident of his youth that he thought he had forgotten, he came to a stop, waved, smiled and said "Hi, kid!"

The boy was dumbfounded for a while, but soon warmed up to the stranger and talked of all things a child can think of in a short period of time. The Trooper turned on the bubble red light on the roof to show his new friend how it worked. And as he left, the boy shouted " Hey Trooper! When I grow up, I’m going to be just like you!"

Some more years passed by and another boy grew up. It was his turn to ride down a small village street, and this time he was in a blue and gold troop car with a long roof rack of red and white lights. He wore a grey and purple uniform. As he drove down the village street, he saw a small boy of another color and a little girl, standing by the curb, and waving at his car. He pulled to the side of the road, waved, smiled, and said " Hi kids! "

He remembered a time when a Trooper had talked to him. He turned on the roof rack and the red and white lights revolved. He saw the reflected light in their amazed eyes. They could not believe that the Trooper had stopped to talk to them. They talked to their new friend of many things, all different and varied but important things that they thought the new friend should know.

As he left, they said, " Hey Trooper! When we grow up, we are going to be just like you!"

When your time comes, will you smile? Will you wave? Will there be a child somewhere that says "Hey Trooper! When I grow up, I’m going to be just like you!

This was copied without the consent of Sgt. Dorer. It is a wonderful article, and I do not know where/ if he is serving today.