New York Troopers - History
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CAMP NEWAYO was named after M. Moyca Newell and Katherine Mayo who were instramental in the State Police coming into existence. It was the training camp for the infant organization commencing on June 20, 1917 and concluding on September 5, 1917. It was located in Manlius, NY at the Troop D, First New York Cavalry, National Guard farm with a $250.00 rental fee charged.   
Kitchen & Dining area
More sleeping quarters
And more sleeping quarters

 Sleeping Quarters
Original Troop "A" members - Willis Linn / John Warner in foreground.
Officers based on earlier military experience were appointed by Major Chandler who gave instruction in military drill and the use of firearms. Non - commissioned officers were appointed at the end of training camp, as a reward based on the individuals performance and ability during training. 
Troopers were provided Winchester rifles and .45 Caliber Colt revolvers.
250 untamed horses were purchased at a cost of $150.00 per head by Chandler personally and sent to Camp Newayo  where in four weeks, they would respond to every command of the rider. Shortly after arrival, a colt was born and aptly named "GEE WHIZ". While inspecting the camp, Governor Whitman commented that it was the first time he was aware of the state getting something for nothing.
Typical training day:
6.45   First call
6:55   Reveille
7:00   Stables
7:30   Breakfast
8:15   Roll call - horseback close order drill
12.00  Lunch
1:15   Classes & review
5:00   Dinner
Evenings were spent tending to equipment & classes in law.