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In 1917, Colonel Chandler selected the Winchester Model 1894 carbine to supplement the .45 Colt Revolver. The carbine was chambered for the .30 Winchester Center Fire cartridge and when fully loaded held seven rounds. The cartridge had a 170-grain metal case bullet, 30 grains of smokeless powder and a muzzle velocity of about 2,220 feet per second. The barrel length was 20 inches with an overall length of 38 inches and weighed about 6 ½ pounds. The carbine was commonly referred to as the “Winchester .30 - .30”. The rifle was carried in a scabbard attached to the saddle in the early days. Fearing loss or larceny when the trooper was away from his horse, it was determined that the carbine was to be kept at the stations and made available in case of an emergency. It was used until 1965.

The Colt “New Service” Revolver was the standard firearm of the trooper. It was a double-action revolver & chambered a .45 long Colt cartridge. The arm had a five & one half inch barrel, weighed 39 ounces and had a lanyard loop affixed to the butt. The backstrap was stamped “N.Y.S.T.”

The .45 Colt was replaced in 1954 by the lighter Colt “Official Police” revolver. It had a six-inch barrel, weighed 34 ounces and used a .38 caliber special cartridge.

The Colt “Official Police” model was introduced in 1962. It was a.38 caliber revolver with a four-inch barrel and was used until 1974, when troopers went to the Smith & Wesson Model 28, .357 Magnum. It was more powerful than the .38 caliber revolver. The change was made after Trooper Ray Dodge was killed during a shootout. He had shot and hit the perpetrator twice, but the .38 bullet was not enough to stop his assailant who continued to shoot resulting in the trooper’s death.
 Winchester Model 1894

Type Lever-action hunting rifle

Designer -John Browning

Designed -1894

Produced -1894–2006, 2011–

Number built- 7,500,000+


Weight- 6.8 lb (3.1 kg)

Length- 37.8 in (960 mm)

Barrel length- 20 in (510 mm)

 Cartridge- .30 WCF (Winchester Center Fire); also available in numerous other cartridges

Action Lever-action

Muzzle velocity-2,490 ft/s (759 m/s)

Feed system- 8-round (26" barrel) or 6-round (20" barrel) internal tube magazine

Sights Leaf rear sight, barleycorn-type front sight


    COMPLIMENTS OF RETIRED TROOPER FREDERICK P. JOHNSON                                                                                                                                                                                                  


1917-1954-Colt 1917/New Service, .45LC, 5.5"bbl, blue   NYST on back strap, Troop letter and 1 to 3 digit property number on butt (both rollmarks done @ colt                                                                                    

1954-1962-Colt Official Police, .38Special, 6"bbl, blue NYST on back strap, Troop letter and 1 to 3 digit property number on butt                                                                                      

196X-19XX Smith and Wesson Model K-38 Masterpiece, .38special, 6"bbl, blue - pistol team only    

1962-1972-Colt Official Police, .38Special, 4"bbl, blue NYST on back strap - still in service through 1974

1972-1973-Smith and Wesson Model 10-6, .357mag, 4"bbl, blue -no marking                                       

1974-1978-Smith and Wesson Model 13-1, .357mag, 4"bbl, blue - no marking                                     

1979-Smith and Wesson Model 520, .357mag, 4"bbl, blue - None - never issued, contract cancelled, 3110 made, SNs: N557750- N560860                                                                                          

1979-1981-Smith and Wesson Model 28-2, .357mag, 4"bbl, blue- NYSP left side of frame below cylinder

1981-1990-Smith and Wesson Model 681, .357mag, 4"bbl, stainless -NYSP left side of frame below cylinder                                                                                        

1990-2008-Glock Model 17, 9mm, black -None - issued models destroyed and replaced by model 37 circa 2008                                                                                  

2008-present-Glock Model 37, .45GAP, black-None - current issue - to be destroyed when replacement weapon selected                                                                                               


1933(?)-1981-Colt Detective Special, .38Special, 2"bbl, blue-NYST on back strap and/or Colt letter, Troop letter and one or two digit property number on butt                                                                                        

195X-196X-Smith and Wesson Model 10, .38Special, 2"bbl, blue-NYST on back strap                      

1970s - '90s-Walther PPK, .380, blue-no markings - NARCO/Undercover                                                               

1981-1990-Smith and Wesson Model 65-3, .357mag, 3"bbl, stainless-NYSP left side of frame below cylinder                                                                                     

1990-2008-Glock Model 26, 9mm, black -Not issued - approved for carry - personally owned     

2008-present-Glock Model 39, .45GAP, black-Not issued - approved for carry - personally owned

Shoulder Weapons - earliest to latest                                                                                     

1919 -1965-Winchester Model 1894 SRC Carbine, .30WRC, lever action-NYST over Troop letter w/1-3 numerals (property numbers) - on top of tab of butt plate                                                                                  

19XX-1962-Colt Model 1921AC, Thompson submachine gun, .45ACP, fully automatic-Not marked, 34 guns obtained 1940 from prison system- retired 1962                                                                                            

1940-1965-Eddystone Model M1917 rifle, .30-06, bolt action-NYST over Troop letter w/1-3 property numbers - on top of tab of butt plate, 355 purchased circa 1940 as surplus                                    

1963-200X-Ihaca Model 37 shotgun, 12guage, 20"bbl, parkerize-Troop letter, base of pistol grip                              

UNK-Ruger  Mini 14GB semi-auto rifle, .223,-Not marked Mobile Response Team                                           

UNK-H&K MP5 Sub-machine gun, 9mm-Not marked - Mobile Response Team                                                  

UNK-Colt AR-15 semi -auto rifle, .223cal, 16"bbl               -Not marked - Mobile Response Team                 

196X-XXXX-Remington Model 700, bolt action rifle, .270-Not marked - Mobile Response Team                

196X-XXXX-Remington Model 700, bolt action rifle, .308-Not marked - Mobile Response Team                

UNK-Colt AR-15 Model M4, semi-auto rifle, .223cal,-Not marked - Mobile Response Team         

200X-present-Savage Model 110T, bolt action rifle, .308               -Not marked - Mobile Response Team                 

200X-present-Remington Model 870, pump action shotgun, 12GA, 14"bbl-Not marked - patrol use        

200X-present-Rock River Arms Model 1250x, semi auto rifle, .223cal, 16"bbl-Not marked, patrol use and Mobile Response Team                                                                                 

 1923 - Testing early bullet proof vest

Troop A range - Weathersfield, NY
Governor Nelson Rockefeller.This was from the open house for the new Division Headquarters Building in 1964.  L to R: An unidentified legislator or cabinet member, Sgt. Lee Thomas, Governor, Dep. Supt. J. J. McGuire, Tpr. Paul Paquet, Sgt. James McDermott
  Nick Gumhalter - George Hyder
 George Hyder


In 1938, the troopers obtained a number of 1917 Enfield rifles with slings. They used a 30.06 cartridge and were intended for long-range use. They were discontinued in 1965.

The trooper armament at one time included a 1928 model Thompson Submachine-Gun that was obtained in 1940. It used a .45 caliber cartridge and was equipped with either a box or a drum magazine having a capacity of 20 and 50 cartridges. It would fire at a rate of 700 to 725 shots per minute. Deemed too dangerous for police work, its use was discontinued in 1962.

The 12-guage Ithaca Model 37 “Featherweight” pump action was the next weapon of choice. Received in 1963, it had a 20-inch barrel with the rifle slug & “00” buckshot the only authorized ammunition to be used.
During the early days and up until 1963, most all stations had Winchester Model 1894 30-30 rifles in the arsenal.  Many of them were what was described as the "saddle ring carbine" marked NYST on the butt plate and may have had a troop designation stamped into the stock. Others were unmarked and were newer models similar to the standard hunting Model 1894 30-30. 
Additionally, some of the Division Shotguns consisted of the Winchester Model 1897 - 12 Gauge "Riot Gun".  As I recall, there were relatively few of these in comparison with the Ithaca shotguns and none of them were Division marked.  With the exception of one cased 1928 Thompson which is in the SP Academy Museum, all of the old long arms were disposed of to Ed Agramonte, a Firearms Dealer in Yonkers, NY.  (Lee O. Thomas)
The Winchester Model 70 was used from 1965 to 1988. It was a .270caliber, bolt-action rifle with a 21-¾ inch barrel. It was equipped with a sling and telescopic sight with detachable mounts for accurate shooting at long ranges.
The special purpose tear gas gun is part of the division arsenal. It has a 1-1/2 inch bore and is capable of firing projectiles from its 10 inch barrel at ranges from 225 to 325 yards or using pyrotechnic flares.
     1917 Colt 45 caliber New Service Revolver
       N Y S T  A - 64   on back strap
  1935 Colt Advertisement 
1961 - Walt Linden   -  Bill Mulryan
1961- Duane Roberts- Ron Spink- Walt Linden - Bill Mulryan
1961 - Duane Roberts -Bill Mulryan - Walter Linden
     Machine gun instruction 
  Tear gas gun instruction

            1979 S&W Model 28-2 -  357 Magnum

       NYSP on frame