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 NYSP Wall of Honor - Alan Cordary's Picasa Troop "D" collection
A Window on Your Money  - Welcome to SeeThroughNY – giving New Yorkers a clearer view of how their state and local tax dollars are spent. This site is sponsored by the Empire Center for New York State Policy, part of the non-partisan and non-profit Manhattan Institute for Policy Research.  Pennsylvania Troopers History     American Association of State Troopers York State Police phone numbers and coverage area map
The Official Directory of State Patrol & State Police was founded, built and is managed by Senior Sergeant (Retired) Terrance D Martin. Sergeant Martin retired in 1994 from the Vermont State Police after 28 years.    -  Nice unique site
My name is Norm Ratcliffe, and I have been a collector of old license plates since 1980 when I was just a young lad of thirteen years old. I joined the Automobile License Plate Collectors Association (ALPCA) when I was fifteen. In 1992, I became a career law enforcement officer, and being the perpetual collector that I am, commenced collecting shoulder patches/insignia from different police agencies from North America and the world. Eventually I realized that I couldn't collect everything, so I blended my two hobbies into one and began collecting law enforcement license plates specifically.
Or search Google  for >>  troopers are coming kurek -  nice preview of a book now out of print - maybe he'll bring it back
Visit To NYS Trooper Barracks
A correctionhistory,org web site - Correction History NY Society
A You Tube video link re Camp Newayo  credit Alan Cordary
 Early Days Part 2 
A YouTube video link re Camp Newayo - credit Alan Cordary
A YouTube video link - credit Alan Cordary
1977 Blizzard - WNY  a you tube link -