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Mary Klar, a 1940 graduate of the East Aurora, NY high school was an avid supporter of the New York State Troopers. This was peeked from listening to weekly radio stories of the Grey Riders on WHAM radio. During the summer of 1942, she traveled by bicycle to Malone and Sidney and in 1943 to Albany and Lake George areas. During these trips, she stopped at each Trooper Facility she came across photographing stations and troopers. She wore a self- patterned gray & black uniform with a shoulder emblem that read “New York State HTNT” (Has the Nicest Troopers). In 1943, she enlisted in the Coast Guard Auxiliary (SPARS) assigned at Philadelphia. She married William Butler in 1945 settling in Stanley, NY where she raised 4 children, Rosemary, Carol Ann, Michael & Timothy. She retired from the Ontario County Clerk’s Office where she worked for many years. Many of the photos throughout this web site are attributed to her.


Mary Butler Klar - 1940
Kenneth Lewis - 1940
William Rimmer - Eugene Redden - Lewiston, NY - 1940
Lt. George - 1940
Avon, NY - 1940 - Lt. George - Harry DeHollander - Unk - Unk-Unk
Richard Brecht - 1941
 Guy Hamm - 1943
 Malcom Grant - 1943


Trooper John Long - 1940
Alex Larson
Devillo Chamberlain - 1940
   Ralph Gibson- 1940
John Cole - Sam Dunlop - 1941
Jay Carmichael - 1942


John Cole - 1940
Harry Ashe - 1940
Eugene Redden - 1940
Cpl. White-Sam Dunlop - 1941- Morganville, NY
 Andrew Fisher - 1942
 Trooper Frank Lachnicht - Son- George was a NYS Trooper - Frank was Patrolman with Batavia, NY Police Dept
 Gus Nelson - 1943
  Lawrence Norsen - 1943