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1921 - Batavia Motorcycle Fleet
Early Firestone Tire Advertisement
 1922 Harley Davidson Motorcycle
1926 Harley Davidson Motorcycle
1937 - Trooper Albert Perry
Trooper Percy Leitner
J.C. Dwyer
Trooper Richard "Trixie" Lemay
1931 - Trooper E. J. Phelps
1937   Trooper H.I. Moose - Angola, NY
1936 Radio Communications
Trooper Richard Hedges - Killed at Chemung, NY - 1942
1963 - E.W. Coryell - L.P. Coletti

 Troop "B" Cycles
  Trooper Bruce Bell - SP Clarence 
Tpr. Arthur Pittman - Lewiston
 2011 - Tim Kachelmeyer - SP Fredonia
  2012 Tpr Brown on 1963 Harley Motorcycle
  SP Niagara
  2013 - Michael Niezgoda - SP Clarence
1918 - Tpr. Johnnie Howard -  Note chains on the rear tire.
1919 Harley Motorcycle Instruction Booklet.
On a typical Catskill Mountain morning, with a clear sky and the usual rain forecast for the afternoon, a State Trooper, astride his motorcycle, an ill-fitting and ill-shaped Stetson perched precariously on his head, sped down Route 17, alert for erring motorists. Rounding one of the roadway's many curves and approaching one of the many hamlets in the mountains, he spots a towel on a gas station's mailbox and is filled with apprehension, what can it be? He slows to a stop, dismounts, squares his Stetson as best he can and grimly inquires of the station operator the purpose of the towel, "What message have you for me, good citizen, is it murder, mayhem or worse?"  Author Unkown
The below article appeared in the Gray Rider of the AFNYST in the Jan-Apr 2009 Issue.
1926 - Paul Mellody
Trooper John Chambers
1938 Trooper Joe Lyons
1938 - Trooper Kenneth Hemmer
1946 Harley
Trooper Robert Tillman
In 1967, New York enacted legislation requiring all Motor Cyclist wear an approved safety helmet during operation.
A Division memo dated 16 May 1958 required all members wear a helmet while operating a State Police motor cycle. It appears that helmets were available to wear by members prior to 1958, but were optional.
Compliments of Russell Guard, retiree- Troop G.
Trooper Victor Santa, SP Clarence
1963 Harley
 1964-Tpr. Tom Obrien - SP Clarence
 Motor Cycle School Roster - 1963
FR - R.W.Schlegel, W.E. Tompkins, R.T. Trenaman, C.E. Moshier, J.L. Schmidt, J.J. Tanski - Rear - T.R. Reese, F.M. Pesce, R.E. Haberer, G.G. Novotny, D.W. Hedges, M.E. Thorpe, P.E. Kostewich 
MC School -  May 6 - 10, 1963
2011 - Michael Niezgoda - SP Clarence