New York Troopers - History
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Officers - Capt R.V.Arnet-Lt. Harry Ashe- Lt. Smith
Major Gus Robeson-Capt Jim Vann-Boland-F/Sgt Bob Natalie-T/Sgt Ed Mathewson 
Rear-Bob Minekheim-Bill Chranston-Ron Szymanski-John Loncher-
Orville Smith-Doug Cowell  Front - Joe Kupka-R. Maines-Kevin Walsh
-Alex Gallion-Amidor Ortiz-John Ciccone - about 1969
Lt, Carlson-Major Minihan- Bob Minikheim-Bruce Pagels-Ron March
George Elbel - Alexander Gallion - Jerome Brakefield
Mike Brodzik-Doug Miller-Terry Sutton-Jim Bak-Harry Perry
Joe Law
 Terry Sutton
Ed Vanderwill - Dave Peters
Ron Miller-Jerry Dorabilia-Jim Bak-Bob Minekheim-Gerry Lata
Seated - Dorothy Doucher (Secretary)
1957 - NYS Thruway, Albany, NY
 1963-4 -  Mike Wilmoth - Troop T F/Sgt
 Bflo - Ernie Koenig - Paul Kreineider
Stanley Domagala - SP Buffalo
 Bob Minekheim - Ed Getner
  Jim Bak - Bob Minekheim
Bob Minekheim - Ron Miller - Dorothy Doucher - Lt. Carlson 
The Troop began as the NYS Thruway Detail in 1954 and became a Troop in December, 1961.  Troopers worked out of the adjacent Troops [A, D, G, and K].  I'm not real familiar with exactly how it worked, because I didn't start with the SP until October, 1967.

When Troop Cars were Black and White, Troop T's vehicles were Blue and White.  Troop T Members were assigned Personal Radio Identification Numbers  and did not use the number of the Troop Car.

In 1967, when I started, Troop Headquarters, the Albany Zone and the Albany Station were all housed in one building, the one which now contains only the Albany Zone and Station. In 1972, Troop Headquarters was moved into the new Thruway Authority Administration Building, Second Floor; also, at that time, Troop Communications was moved from Elsmere to the new building. The Thruway Authority offices used to be located in several different buildings in the Delaware Plaza, Delaware Avenue, Elsmere, NY.

The Division and the Thruway Authority, at one time, had an agreement that the Troopers assigned to Troop T had to be out of the Academy and have at least two years experience before they were sent to Troop T; it was later changed to one year, upon the completion of their probation.  Provided by Mary Ellen Lento.
Original Thruway Detail June 1954 - On left Sgt Harold Hackett - Sgt Olin Gardiner in ctr.-Sgt S.S. Nickerson on rt end.Policed first Thruway strip from Lowell to Rochester, NY
 1954 - Opening of Leroy Section of Thruway
 John Reuhl - Ted Dykas - Gary Butt
Captain R.V.Arnet-unk-unk-unk-Charles Cobb - Gus Robeson
Albany, NY - January 1960
Captain R.V. Arnet
1970s- rear- Joe Casciano-John Violanti-Paul Kurdys-Albert Gerhardt-Henry Pasinski-Tom Phillips-Nick Parvu front-Jim Kleinsmith-J.Gleason-Tom Anticola-Danny Denz-E.F. Caypless- Jerry Wienckowski

March, 1977, honoring then-Captain Roswell M. Wolfe on his 20th anniversary with the SP. Seated, from left to right, is Major NICHOLAS G. LECAKES, Troop Commander, then-Captain ROSWELL M. WOLFE ,he was promoted to Troop Commander in October 1978, First Sergeant DAVID A. GERBRACHT.  The civilians are, from left to right, Mrs. LORRAINE D. HAGAN, Mrs. MABEL GOWIE, Ms. WINONA BOISE, Mrs. MARY ELLEN LENTO, Mrs. JANE BURTON, Mrs. MARY ANN LUNDY, Mrs. KIMBERLY BLANCHARD.  The Members standing in the rear are, from left to right, Technical Sergeant SIDNEY J. BAILEY, Troop T Communications, then-Trooper WILLIAM R. MOREHOUSE, Troop Safety Officer, he was later promoted to Technical Sergeant as the Traffic Supervisor, Technical Sergeant STEPHEN A.BLYDENBURGH, Traffic Supervisor, and Zone Sergeant WALTER F. RYAN, Tarrytown Zone. Provided by Mary Ellen Lento

From left to right, Lieutenant JOHN C. RUEHL, Buffalo Zone, Lieutenant JAMES F. TAYLOR, Albany Zone, Captain RALPH A. TIPPLE, then-Inspector NICHOLAS G. LECAKES, Lieutenant ALFRED P. BRUNI, Syracuse Zone, DCI LEARY, Lieutenant THOMAS B. McDONALD, Tarrytown Zone, and First Sergeant JOSEPH L. CROSS. Taken 13 June 1973 - Provided by Mary Ellen Lento - Troop T Secretary 
Douglas Miller
Larry Glascott = Timothy Howard
 Joe Kupka
 Bob Maines - Gerry Lata-Freeman Shaw
Doug Miller-Jim Bak-Mike Brodzik-Terry Sutton
 1965 Ford
 Keeley - Alex Gallion - Clint Salmon - George Elbel
 Ron Miller - Ron Szymanski - Dorothy Doucher 
 Lou Ruberto - Lt. Carlson- Minekheim
SP Buffalo - 2012