New York Troopers - History
Preserving the Past for Those Who Follow



The artilces in this section of the web site are in the process of being upgraded. When initially inserted they were blurred and difficult to read. The following have been upgraded and are readible:
Pasco                Adirondacks             1918
Stott                 Stueben County, NY  1923
Goewy               Charleston, NY         1930
Coo                  Cooperstown, N         1934
Tellstone           Malone, NY               1939
Reed                 Penn Yan, NY           1939
Neff                  Ulster County           1942
Oconnel/Patane Canasota,NY             1942
Readers Digest  Pleasantville, NY       1948 
Readers Digest 2                              1948
Frisbee            Erie County               1950
Lennox             Ontario County         1950s
Major Call         Adirondacks              1955        
Beresford          Poughkeepsie, NY     1955
Jailbreak           St.Lawrence Co.       1955
Perrigo-Laseur   Natural Bridge,NY     1957
Everly               Star Lake, NY           1960
Torres              Medina, NY               1961
Salisbury          Utica, NY                  1965
Art Theft           Rochester,NY            1968
Izak                 Watertown, NY          1968
Lott                  Coopers Plains,NY     1968 
Stone               Ontario County         1970
Kirk                  Utica, NY                  1971
Garrow             Adirondacks              1973
Murphy             Utica, NY                  1975
Rivenburgh       Hancock, NY              1979
Osborne-Nicoli  Buffalo, NY                1979