New York Troopers - History
Preserving the Past for Those Who Follow




  Sgt. Ted Martin - Trooper F.V.Pumphrey
  Trooper John Cole in center.


  William Hennessy-kidnap victim
  Gunman William Howe of Portland , Maine
  Shotgun pellet holes in trooper car
    Bullet holes
   William Hennessy automobile
  William Howe
On October 11,1949, former mental patient William Howe, Portland, Maine was found sound asleep in a car by Cuba Police Chief Thomas Musto. When roused, he placed a sawed off shotgun to Musto's chest taking the officer's weapon. He then fled in a stolen car that he abandoned, comandeering a car forcing the driver, William Hennessy to drive. Responding to Musto's alarm, Troopers Martin & Pumphrey observed and overtook the car on Route 17 near the hamlet of Little Genesee. Howe smashed out the rear window of the car , displayed a shotgun and stated firing at the pursuing troopers wounding both of them. Hennessy then intentionally drove off the highway coming to rest on an embankment. He was thrown from the car & sought safety. Howe exited the car carrying two shotguns and a pistol and a gun battle ensued. Trooper John Cole unaware of the gun battle aarrived at the scene stopping between theTroopers & Howe. Warned of the danger, he took rfuge behind the car. Howe now ran to Cole's car in an attempt to flee and was shot dead by Cole with one shot to the chest. Martin suffered pellet wounds to his head, arms & legs while Phumphrey sufered wounds to the arm & legs.