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“Collections”This area will feature  rotating material, changed from time to time.  April 8, 2011- The Stritter Collection. Frank X Stritter was as a “D” Trooper. Many of the images can be identified as being in the Cazenovia (Madison County) area.  His family donated a large number of images From the 1920 - 1940’s.
See a retirement notice printed in the Utica Observer-Dispatch 1962, at Image, 38

This series identifies several former Troopers, a valuable NYSP genealogy
source:  Stritter, Doran, Fogerty, Munger, Merrill, Hanifin, Nickerson, Christenson, Wilcox, Andrews Lutz, Voigt, Mixer, Johnson and Kappser.
Julia STRITTER -   Birth: 29 Sep 1912 State Where Number was Issued: New York Death: 3 Dec 2005 ...


SP Cazenovia - note the sign on the tree.  Is the vehicle a Troop Car?  What make and year?


Time does not allow us to conduct in depth research of images.   Comments re dates, identification Of members, vehicles and motor cycles are appreciated. “
The Troopers are not identified in this image. A building in the background suggests Cazenovia. 
Make and year of the Troop Car.   
Tpr Stritter on left, and Wilcox
Tpr Bart Hanifin
To the left of the motorcycle headlight is a Ford?  Year?
Image 5


Image labeled Eddie Munger and "Mixer"
Tpr. Mixer, who is identified in other images.   The street sign places the location near Cazenovia. Numerous photographs were taken at this location
Image 6



Trooper Ellsworth
Labeled Trp Fogerty, not known which Trooper.
Information regarding the "Troop Car" is needed.  Reference has been found to the "First CI" car - an open Chevrolet. 
Image 8
By now you should know who this Trooper is!
The locations has changed, Vernon, NY
Image 9
Tpr Voigt.  This image raises many questions
Troop Car?  A different make from other images. 
The license plate is  year 1934.  The number 11-85.  
Note the siren, possibly a red light and the spot light. 
If you can provide any identify information - please.
Image  10
*Use of the term "Troop Car" is probably a more modern phrase, if one considers the 1960's modern!
This Troop Car image with your know who driving,  appears to be the same as Image 8, although the hood ornament seems different.
Again, an appeal is made to the old car experts - please. 
Image 11
This image was labeled "Watch Dogs". It was a popular location for the photographer as the "Rippleton" Rd street sign appears in others. 
Note the "Syracuse" sign behind the motorcycle on the right.
Image 12
Stritter and Wilcox, 1930's
Image 13
Image labeled "Four in front of SP Herkimer"
1 - Wilcox
2 -Stritter
3 -Sgt ?
4 -
Image 14
Cpl Doran & Tpr Fogerty
The "Troop Car" ?  
Image 15

Tprs Donavan & Fogerty
Image 16
Flaherty & Merrill - Cazenovia Lake in the background
Image 17
Nickerson & Andrews
Image 18

Stritter and Christenson
Image 19
Tpr Russell, the  license plate is "New York World's Fair1939.( 11-60 )
What did the series of numbers mean? 
This "Troop Car" appears new. Make? 
Edna and Tpr Mixer
Image 20
Tpr Hanifan
Note the "4X" license plate. That prefix was used in Madison County. 
Image 21
Tpr Hanifin again - Would one think that the young lady had been speeding?
Image 22
Image labeled "Field Days" 
Location - Possibly a Troop "D" site. Can someone identify it?
This image has been re-sized for web viewing purposes. Examination of the much larger original scan reveals that possibly Lt Tremain Hughes in in the center of the line. The distinctive mustache and a bar over his left breast pocket (wings?)
Image 22
Selling tickets?  The Tpr on the left has a box with small objects in it. 
The bib - advertises a lumber compay.
Image 23
Another "Filed Days" picture. The marching band indicates the extent that the Field Days contributed to the entertainment of the community. 
The name on the base drum cannot be read, four letters "Rome"?
Image 24
 More "Field Days" inform will be a separate future area as a "Rough Rider" history exhibit.  
Tpr K J Merrill 
Image 25
Location unknown, note the bridge in the background and it looks like the price of gas is 14 cents at a Socony station.
 Click here for more information about Mobilgas Tin SignImage 26
Troopers Stritter and Lutz
Image 27
* Motorcycle history will be a separate area. Images from this page will be duplicated there along with many others.
NYSP motorcycle historical information is welcome and appreciated. Your name or other identification will be inserted. (If desired of course) 
A nice picture of a motor cycle that appears to have had a lot of use.
The seat? Sheep skin?  
Image 28

Main Street USA  circa 1930 - A label indicated Troopers Merrill and McMahon.  Reduced in size for web purposes. The only image identifying McMahon. 
This is Cazenovia. Without the trees, it would look pretty much the same today.
Image 29
Troopers  Nickerson and Andrews
As more identification of the individuals found in this series become known, the images will be updated. 
Image 30

Tpr R W Mansfield 
Image 31
Labeled Sitter and Harney
POssibly Sitter on the left.
Image 32

Labeled Stritter and Singer. Apparently a local officer.  The sign, "This is NELSON", a hamlet of Rt 20 east of Cazenovia. 
Image 33
At Troop "D", the truck from Troop "G", Troy. 
Image  34
Tpr Sitter at Auburn - 1930
Image 35 
Tpr Johnson
Image   36
Tpr Wilcox. 
If you have reached this point your patience is appreciated. We hope you have enjoyed a little trip back through the career of one Trooper.
If you have additional identifying information relative to any of the other individuals, please let us know.  Use the contact button for email. 

Image  37
Frank X. Stritter     (Image 38)
Will Retire
Oneida—Invest  Frank. Stritter of the State Police; Bureau of Criminal Investigation   Troop D barracks;  here, will retire June 20 after .33 years of service, well known in the Utica-Rome Herkimer which marks the end of his career as a Trooper. He has accepted a position with a Syracuse bank Stritter Joined the State Police at Troop D on Aug.
1. 1929, under The late troop commander. Capt. Stephen McGrath. Me served on the  horse patrol in the Constantia area on the north shore of Oneida Lake, and in 1930 was assigned to I duty during the Auburn Prison riot under McCgrath |and the late It. Solvav Perry.  Appointed the BCI! In 1946 Stritter was prompted  to corpora about 5 years
later and held that rank until it was abolished in favor of the new ranks of investigator'  Senior investigator He served in practically every station in the Troop D area.  Stritter is married to the former Julia Thomas, sister of
 Madison County Sheriff Phillip thomas.