New York Troopers - History
Preserving the Past for Those Who Follow




 Olympic Ice Arena usher with trading pins
Canadian Hostesses
Eric Heiden - multi gold medal winner - speed skating
 Athletes waiting to perform - well wish telegrams posted on wall.
 Herb Brooks
Mark Pavelich
USA defeats Russia
USA 4  - Russia 3
Coach Herb Brooks



  Tpr. Al Kurek with Olympic Hostess
 Tai Babalonia - Pairs figure skater w/ Randy Gardner
  Linda Fratianni during practice
 Linda Fratianni - US Singles figure skater  - Tpr. Al    Kurek
Mike Ramsey
Coach Herb Brooks
Russian Hockey Team
Al Kurek - USA Hockey player Phil Verchota
Phil Verchota with Gold Medal
 Phil Verchota- Al Kurek - Ken Morrow
Blake Muthig-
Mike Ramsey- Steve Janszak- Phil Verchota-
Al Kurek
 Speed Skater Eric Heiden