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Firearms competetion was held annually to determine the best shooter in each troop.  They then competed against one another to determine the best qualified within the Division. This inter troop competition ceased in 1935 because of increased traffic duties during summer months, WWII and re-organization after the war. The competition remained stagnant until June 1955, when the Division Pistol Team was revived.
Team members were chosen after competing in a Division wide elimination match held at West Point. Troopers with the highest scores in each troop were selected for a shoot-off. The ten top scorers were then selected to represent the Division.
1955 - The team competed in six(6) matches with Trooper H. Uranitis scoring a perfect 300.
1957 - The team entered eleven competetions winning eleven (11) trophies.
1958 - The team recorded a record eight(8) wins, three(3) seconds & two(2) thirds against elite competetion in thirteen(13) matches.  Trooper E.F. Griebsch scored a 300 at Springfield, Massachussetts. During the annual Daily-Mirror-Colt nvitational Tournament, 4000 entries participated. The Division team set a new record 1197 out of a possible 1200.
1960 - Under the direction of Lt. J.C. Miller, the 4 man team team set a new world record of 1198 out of 1200. Members were Uranitis, Griebsch, Janssen & Paquet.
1964 - The team set an all time indoor combat record. Members were P.F. Paquet (589), W.F. Mulryan (590),S. Kurpil (586) & B.L. Cutten (577)

1955 Troop A Pistol Team --- FRONT- C.Z.McDonald- G.Fenclau-R.Koenig-M.Fiordo  REAR C.McArtney-M.Andrews- J.Sage-H.Moose-R.Fitzwater-R.Slade
1955 Troop "A" Pistol Team - McCartney-Fitzwater-Sage-McDonald-Andrew-
Capt. Lynch-Fenclau-Fiordo-Moose-Koenig-Slade
1955 Pistol Team Bar
Troop C Pistol Team - Top - Steve Kurpil-Unk-Les Vincent-Capt. Lawson-Paul Vandermark-Lou Scanlon  Front-Bob Denman-John Suhaka-Jerry Harwood-Mike Lisman
NYSP Division Pistol Team
Recollections of Tech. Lt. Lee O. Thomas.

I was appointed in 1957 however, I was in the Army at the time so my appointment was deferred until after discharge. I was very involved in pistol shooting while in service and that interest remains to this day. However, upon discharge from the Army, I was appointed to the Division in April of 1959 and sent to Troop A. In those days, there was an annual qualification in all Troops, and each Troop selected 10 men to make up a Troop Pistol Team. Each pistol team gathered at Bear Mountain every year and had a shoot off to determine the winning team. From the overall competition the 10 high scoring members were selected as the Division Pistol Team and did quite a bit of traveling representing New York State. As you have shown in many of your photos, the team was very successful and won both state and national championships.

I was selected for the team starting in 1960, and remained a shooting member until 1966 when, after the sudden death of my father, I stopped competitive shooting. I was the team captain starting in 1964 after making sergeant. From 1961 until 1966, I was either the assistant or later, the Division Firearms Training Officer assigned to the Training Section and Academy. To my best recollection, Al O'Neill, then in Troop B, was assigned to replace me as Team Captain in the middle of the 1966 Season starting with the National Championships at Camp Perry, Ohio. The team continued to have a successful season, including the National Police Championship. If my memory serves, severe budget constraints in 1967 resulted in disbanding the pistol team entirely in that year, and it was never re-established.(Thomas served from 23 Apr 59 to 16 May 1991)
1959 Division Pistol Team -    Members
Troop K winning team -1962
Rear: Tpr. Frank Hallock, Tpr. Herbert Hiler, Tpr. Donald Trotta, Capt. J. J. Lawson. Tpr. Lee Thomas, Tpr. BCI Edward Kayner
Front: Sgt. Donald Ambler, Unk, Unk. Tpr. Charles Curtis, Tpr. Paul Paquet
Al Oneill-Unj-Unk-Bruce Stiles-Herb Frank-Dick Weltz-George Hyder-Don Girven-Paul Stephens - 1968-69
The target displayed is labeled as being shot by PAUL “PAPPY” PAQUET who of course was a great shot in his own right. The target was in fact shot by Zone Sgt. ERNIE H. GRIEBSCH during a 4 man team match in Springfield Township, PA. on September 7, 1958. There are 70 or so signatures on the target from members of competing pistol teams as well as several from our own pistol team including PAUL “PAPPY” PAQUET, Gov. AVERILL HARRIMAN, Supt. FRANCIS S. McGARVEY, the scorer JAMES W. WILEY and the target was notorized by WALTER L. ERICKSON, Nortory Public of Westchester Co. on September 12, 1958.  ERNIE, who shot the target, had shortly thereafter had the target laminated so it is in perfect condition. Data submitted by retired Trooper Timothy Thisse who happens to have the target in his possesion
Troop D pistol team
Members - F.J. Simonis - A.B. Jackman - W.J. Sjoblom - M. Lisman - H.J. Uranitis - E.H. Griebsch - D.R. Pushee - E.F. Paquet - R.M. Kisor - F.A. Foreman Jr.
1956 Pistol Team Bar
Troop D Champion Pistol Team - June 14, 1956
A.B. Jackman-H.J. Uranitis-R.M. Kisor-R.A. Foreman Sr.-J.W. Russell-Supt. F.S. McGarvey-Capt. H.T. Muller-R.A. Foreman Jr.-F.E. O'connor Jr.
Members  - R.A. Foreman Jr. - C.T. Curtis - D.P. Trotta - P.F. Paquet - D.F. Van Aken - H.F. Hiler - A.C. Janssen - L.O. Thomas - R.M. Kisor - F.H. Baessler - S. Kurpil - H.J. Uranitis  
1962 Division Team (I believe this was the winning team from the White House Police Match)

 L to R Tpr. Paul Paquet, Tpr. Steven Kurpil, Cpl.Herbert Urnaitus, Sgt.Donald Ambler (team Captain), Tpr. Lee Thomas


Troop K winning team at Bear Mountain in 1961

Rear:  Unk, Unk, Captain J. J. Lawson, Supt. Francis McGarvey, Tpr. Frank Hallock, Tpr. Lee Thomas,Unk

Front: Tpr. Andrew Jansen, Tpr.Herbert Hiler, Tpr.Paul Paquet, Tpr. Donald Trotta, Tpr. Charles Curtis

 Troop A Pistol Team - 1960 - Front - Fred Porcello - U -Capt. - u - Don Petit
Rear - Don Studd- u-u-Ed Gluch-u- Bill Mulryan
    1964 Division Pistol Team